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Group Orders

Effective September 16, 2011. Group orders of any product or service are strictly limited and subject to terms expressed. Our restrictions are based on the fact that the organizer is using the GroomerTALK message to organize a group purchase, and we never want our members to be negatively affected by being a part of our community. At this time, we only allow group orders of Les Poochs brushes, and no other products or services. An authorized organizer of a group purchase must be previously approved by Find A Groomer Inc., through the Admin of the message board before they can use our private message system or threads messaging system to conduct a group order. Because selling of grooming products and services is not allowed on the board with exceptions only for authorized sponsors working with the permission of the Admin, the organizer of a Les Poochs is subject to the same policy. In order to comply the organizer is recognized as conducting the group order not for profit but in generosity to the other members. The most obvious ways the organizer could turn a profit is to raise the price(s) actually above those actually charged by Les Poochs, or by add-on fees above and beyond postage and handling actual out of pocket costs. If participants want to send a gratuity to the organizer that is of course not our business, but the organizer cannot require gratuities from any participant, because that would then be just another name for business income for the organizer. Once again, only authorized sponsors can use our board to sell or create profit, and that is never the organizer who is to be commended for organizing a group order from their compassion and kindness to our members. Let us restate this again, organizers cannot conduct business resulting in profit in any manner using the GroomerTALK Message Board and PM system, and that happens if and when the organizer marks up any product or service prices, including postage, or requires a gratuity of any kind above and beyond out of pocket expenses for product, service and postage. Organizers: You are expected to provide the Admin with your complete contact information before you get your approval as an organizer for Les Poochs brush group orders. Buyers: By participating in a group order arranged through a GroomerTALK organizer you release and hold harmless Find A Groomer Inc., its associates, its advertisers from any losses you may incur working with an organizer. We will assist you with contact information for the organizer as needed and indicated by circumstances. We reserve the right to terminate our offer to use the GroomerTALK features for organizing a Les Poochs brush order at any time and without advance notice.