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HV'ing shampoo/conditioner & wet clipping..

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  • HV'ing shampoo/conditioner & wet clipping..

    Ok, gotta few question...

    I don't have one of those bathing systems. I groom a lot of double coat breeds of dogs & I was reading that some of you HV the shampoo & conditioner into the dogs coat while giving them a bath. Why? Does the dog get cleaner? Do matts & undercoat come out easier?

    & wet clipping, I read some of the posts, but I don't fully understand why do you wet clip? Is it easier to wet clip then clipping then bathing? Should you only wet clip a matted dog? after the dog is dry will you need to re-clip? Is wet fur less likely to embed into the groomers skin since it doesn't "fly" around? I was reading some use longer blades to wet clip with on a matted dog, so if the blade (like a #3) won't go through the dry coat it will on a wet coat? Should you leave shampoo or conditioner on the coat while wet clipping? Does it ruin your blades/clippers?

    I groom a gigantic (180+lbs) long coated st. bernard, the owner usually has me do a 2 day groom, because she is so large and the owner doesn't want her to get uncomfortable with all the standing. I usually bath & brush her then the 2nd day I clip her with a 3. Could I just wet clip her? Will the 3 blade get under her heavy undercoat? Would it be best to HV the shampoo into her coat, then wet shave her?

    I know sooo many questions, thanks in advance for advice.

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    About the wet my blog on the subject:

    there is also a forum on this site that covers Wetshaving. Its pretty comprehensive.

    I will be doing a Webinar on this subject in March.
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