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Wet Shave on Puppy

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  • Wet Shave on Puppy

    Check out the page on our website: http://www.chazlynboardinggrooming.c...ted-puppy.html

    She was a very good puppy! Thank heavens for wet shaving - no problems at all getting her done.

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    A very nice job

    Thank you for sharing the photos, they are awesome.
    You did a very nice job grooming her. She looks great.
    Very nice job on the ears, too



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      VERY nice job!!! She looks much happier also. Did mom reconize her own pet?
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        Customer reaction, and a side note

        It was pretty funny with the owner: "OMG, OMG, it doesn't even look like my baby! And she's so cute!! I can see her eyes!! And she still has a little beard...wonderful...Look at her feet - she has black pads...OMG!!"

        No tip, though... not very many people tip around here, no matter how much work a dog (or cat) is.

        Oh well, that's the way it goes - I'm just pleased they were happy and the pup feels so much better! She was an incredibly sweet little dog.

        One very, very interesting thing happened when I posted this procedure to my website. First, I put the link in the wet shaving section here under Techniques. According to my site, not too many hits from GroomerTalk if people wanted to look at the site. Then I posted my site to the other groomer Yahoo e-mail group. WOW! I'm up to 170 hits today, 140+ hits yesterday. And wet shaving has been around a long time - I did that page more for customer education than anything else - just to let pet owners know that a matted coat isn't impossible. It just really surprised me - so many people here use that technique. I didn't think I did anything out of the ordinary, just a better, more humane way to groom a difficult coat.