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    And I too say WOW!!! I volunteer for a local rescue group and had a puppy mill young adult poodle that came in last night. It was horrified and matted to the hilt. I felt so sorry for the little fellow, he was scared to death and didn't want to be touched much less handled. I'm pretty sure he had never been groomed before and obviously received no human attention.

    I started off with the HV, but it terrified him. So I just put him in the tub, washed him as good as I could and conditioned him. Without rinsing the conditioner I place him on my table and began to attempt my first wet groom. Once I was able to get a tiny starting swipe with the blade, I was able to get a #5 through him easily without any discomfort to the poodle. I loved the fact that I could easily distinguish where the skin was in relation to the matted coat. After I went over his body with the #5, I washed him again. I guess he realized that I was helping him because when I went to dry him he was much more relaxed and even allowed me to love on him without any resistance. My final groom was with a #3 and I even saved his topknot, ears, and pom pom tail by carefully snipping with the shears and dematting with the conditioner on. He is parti colored and the results of the groom was awesome. He was much fluffier than I expected when I first laid eyes on him!

    As a result of the finished groom and attention, the poodle was no longer frightened. He began prancing around and playing with me and even allowed me to pick him up and love on him without tensing up and pushing away.

    An abundant amount of gratitude to this forum and Particentral for this technique!! I see my grooming career is going to be much easier and less stressful to both the doggies and myself from this point on.

    BTW, the rescue lady that had me groom the poodle was very impressed with the look of the finished groom as she expected to see red irritated skin and sores or nicks on the dog. I didn't tell her my secret. LOL

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    Yay for you!! Wet shaving makes life for the groomer and the doggie so much easier!