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First Wet Clip...WOW

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  • First Wet Clip...WOW

    Yesterday I attempted my first wet clip. It was a badly matted Bichon. The owner hasnt been in since December 2010 where she got an A guard comb on her dog. When I was checking her in, first off I didnt even have to feel the dog to notice that she was matted. I told her that she needed to be shaved down completely to the numb because of the matts. So she was devastated. She told me to leave hair, I said I cant make promises. So I was looking at the dog in the kennel area and I was contemplating on doing a wet clip. I took the plunge and put her in the bath. One of the other groomers freaked, "OMG THAT DOG IS MATTED WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" I told her to chill and wait and see. So straight off the bath I put her on my table and got my #4 blade. LIKE BUTTER. Everyone was in awe. They couldnt believe what they were seeing. I couldnt believe what I was seeing! LOL! I was able to finish her with a #2 guard comb. The owner was pratically in tears cause I didnt end up shaving her dog all the way out. I cant wait to get another matted dog now! LOL!!

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    glad it was such a success! Don't forget to charge for your time on those sorts of dogs...


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      Yup, learning new techniques is great. Even if you could only do most of the dog with a wet #4 then at least the tighter areas you could demat some to then get a blade through.
      NOW, just put this in your file on THAT owner so that a matted mess isn't always dropped off on your doorstep & you are expected to "leave hair".


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        One additional step you can try before clipping is to quickly work over the dog with an HV dryer with a nozzle, on as high as the dog will tolerate. Get it right down next to the skin, under the matting.

        The air will push on the wet hair and do that little extra stretching that might allow for additional length where you need it.