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  • Thank you!!!

    I tried wet shaving today for the first time today on a matted maltipoo after reading about it here yesterday. I was skeptical after I tried both a 4 and 5 blade. But when I tried the 7f, it was amazing! What would have taken me 30 mins and 10 blade, maybe even shorter, took me 5 mins! I'm a convert! But does anyone have tips to maybe make it easier or able to leave the coat even longer? Maybe loosening hair with a greyhound comb or dematter or something along those lines... I am definitely gonna get a cordless clipper (hopefully at g & k expo but first i really want an excel 5 speed!)to be extra safe. I'm a worry wart! Thanks again!

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    Try flushing the dog with creme rinse after bathing and, if before you put the clippers to the dog, quickly blow them out next to the skin with an HV dryer on high (dog willing...) it can stretch the wet hair just a bit more.

    Personally I don't worry much about getting the hair as long as I possibly can. The owners of these horror stories don't appreciate it, don't deserve it. If it goes faster and easier on the dog with a slightly shorter blade, that works for me.

    The dog will more than likely be back again in six months to a year in just as sorry a state, so I just make it quick and make it short.

    Once in a great while we will have someone bring in a rescue that is matted to the hide and that is a different story. But if the owners are just going to neglect the dog again until the following year, I do whatever is easiest for the dog to tolerate.


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      good point! i do think that it is kinda pointless if they arent really gonna not take care of it, but those are some good points for a dog that i would wanna try and leave it as long as possible.


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        Coco,, wet shaving is great!!! I do what DD suggested, I wash, towel dry, then HV. Then I take them to my table and shave them down, so I'm really doing a damp shave, but works the same. Plus and I'm not using my clippers near any water so I won't get zapped,,lmao


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          i guess i could spray in some detangler after i HV dry for extra cond. and the best part is i just bought a cordless clipper! woot!


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            skip tooth

            I would suggest using a skip tooth during the wet shaving portion, then Hv & stand dry to lengthen the hair & then you usually can use a longer Finishing blade.


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              First time I wet shaved yesterday. Very happy with the results! Normally would have had to use a 7 and 10 then bathed. Instead I put the dog right in the tub, used the bathing beauty to wash, conditioned and left the conditioner in while I HV a little. I could see the mats just melting away from the coat! I rinsed and then again HV dried almost all the way, then while still damp I was able to get a 3 3/4 through! Amazing! seriously one of the best new things I've learned in a while. It took the same amount of time to groom this very matted dog as it would if it were not matted.


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                I know with seriously neglected dogs its hard to want to do a "miracle groom" but I have gotten more faithful (and regular) clients wet shaving than anything else. My area has poor quality, high priced groomers so many pets aren't taken care of as well as they should be. I give clients a one time miracle groom (and charge accordingly) and after that they either get on a schedule with me or will pay double next time. It works pretty well
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