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  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    So I have been reading and lurking and learning and waiting for my chance. I have never seen a dog wet clipped in our salon so I asked the girls about it and they all said it wouldnt work or that I was nuts or that it would ruin my blades or my clippers etc.

    Today I got into work and one of my dogs had arrived before I did. The girl who booked it in said it was a matted mess and that she told them it would be a 10 all over. I rushed to the back all excited and there she was.

    A ratty matty bichon, practically pelted with no hope in sight. Instead of moaning about it, a huge smile spread across my face.

    I must tell you ladies..I was a wee bit afraid as I dumped her straight into the tub and lathered her up. The matting and pelting turned into dreads though and I just knew it was going to work beautifully. I left conditioner in her and blasted her very quickly all over with the HV. Then I grabbed a towel and a very wet drippy dog and headed to my table.

    As I picked up my clippers I hesitated again. I literally JUST bought a new set of clippers 3 days ago and if I messed them up I was going to be the laughing stock of the salon and my husband who fronted me the cash for the new clippers...was going to take a strip out of my hide.

    It was you guys who gave me the faith. I snapped on a 5 blade set my clippers to the occiput and took a leap of faith.

    OH MY GOD!

    You have to understand I am one of the newest groomers in the salon. If it needs to be peeled I get it. I have spent over an hour at a time precutting (peeling) dogs. The dogs are a wreck by the end and so am I.

    Fifteen minutes later I had a 5 stripped puppy in front of me. Not a 10ed naked rat but a decent looking shavedoown, my clippers didnt hesitate, my blades did not clog. It was an epiphany! No switching out 10 blade after 10 blade after 10 blade and praying against razor burn. A miracle.

    I love you people!

    I took her back to the tub after and rinsed her down, towelled her off, dried her and when she was done she looked great!

    Of course the owner still was not happy as he was one of those...just a trim please on my pelted dog types...but I was sooo happy with the way she turned out and everyone who watched the process from beginning to end was simply flabbergasted.

    As the newest and the least experienced in our little room, with the way things have gone in there recently it was just fantastic to show them that I could bring to the party something new and good.

    Thank you thank you thank you bandanas and ribbon for everyone on me!

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    I usually wash the dog, condition, and rinse, then wet shave the dog, rewet the dog and dry. Do others shave with the conditioner left on and rinse it off after the strip? One thing about wet shaving is to make sure you take care of your blades right afterwards. I clean them in alcohol (recommended by a beautician), dry and oil well before storing, or using again.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      You just hang out here and have that edge. All the cool secrets and techniques are right here. You will be waaay ahead of the game and be the best groomer in the shop, if you aren't already now. Good for you! Good for you! Can you hear me clapping my hands together ?


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        I hope you whistled a cheery tune laced w/ just a little undertone of cockiness for the rest of the day!

        If I bought into some of the crp I've been told over the past 30 years...I'd still be grooming no more than 3 dogs a day, and they would all look ugly. (As it is...I'm up to 5, lol! Just kidding. )

        Good for you...and NO sympathy for the owner.
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          What a great post.
          I think I now understand the concept better too. I think I'm geting my nerve up for next tme.


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            woohoo congrats! That is such a good feeling to be able to surprise the owners... even if some aren't thankful haha


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              I wash them super well, rinse, towel dry till the drippy water is gone, wet clip, dry and finish.


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                I think its okay to clip through shampoo and conditiner, in fact, sometimes it makes my clipper glide even better. Particentral is the expert here. and I agree you need to dryand oil your blades after each wet clip. congratulations, it is a liberating feeling, knowing you can get through the matts, in far less time, leave some hair to work with, and not ruin your equipment.


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                  Awe.. That must have been an amazing feeling, good for you!!


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                    Your post made me smile! I love hearing hearing happy, excited stories from newbies. Seems like so many baby groomers are so stressed that it's sometimes hard to read their stories. Glad that you had such a great experience!

                    Glad that this worked out so well and that the Bishon was able to go home w/some coat left on. Poop on that owner! If it weren't for the dogs sake I would say to be vindictive and 10 strip her next

                    Stick w/this board and you will learn so about so many neat tricks and short cuts and great products. It's amazing to me how many groomers out there are unwilling to try new things.

                    I have been grooming for almost 24 yrs now ( and have had my business for about 16. I thought I knew EVERYTHING about grooming when I first started visiting this board 3 (I think) yrs ago. Boy was I wrong! I have improved and upgraded so much in my grooming skills, work area and tool sanitation, tools and products.....etc etc..... You just have to have an open mind (like you have) and be willing to try things.
                    SheilaB from SC


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                      I did my first wet shave before I read about it hear. I had a poodle in the same shape as your bison. It was a first even for my teacher. Since I have moved to my own place I have done a lot of them.
                      There is a lot of other information that is helpful on hear. And it is good for people like me that doesn’t have a shop environment to get in touch with other groomers and talk grooming. I need to ask if any of the other groomers in that shop has done any wet shaves.


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                        Yeah! I'm so happy for you! I tried this for the first time a few months ago and had the same reaction. And good attitude about the owner and still being able to be happy for yourself instead of getting upset over it. It won't be long and you'll be the special groomer everyone brings pelted dogs too LOL, that sounds bad, but being able to handle something others can can get you a leg up.


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                          great job!

                          I was scared to try a wet clip too, but I was glad I did it. Good for you for going for it! You are lucky to work in a shop that lets you try new things.


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                            Love this!!

                            I also was hesitant to try this but I started experimenting with wet shaving myself just a few weeks ago and I'm LOVING IT!!! I have pulled off some things I never thought were even possible. The last test was using a 1/2 in stainless clip on on a Maltese I was sure I was gonna have to 7 shave and voila!!! I do find that shaving with the conditioner still on is beneficial.


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                              I just had to say thanks again

                              I have done a couple of these now and I am just loving it. Not only that but 2 of the girls in the salon have jumped in to try. One was not overly impressed but the other one had great results. She had a dog in that is normally never matted and for some reason came in a dirty matted mess. She seemed to say a bit of a prayer and went in with the wet shave. Our normal way I am sure this pup would have been a 7 all over. She was able to send it home in a #2 Clip comb with just a few spots on the legs a 7. Thanks so much ladies for teaching us something new. If you are out there and you tried this and didnt like it or are scared all I can say is do it.