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Wet Shave a Cat?

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  • Wet Shave a Cat?

    I have done wet shaving on dogs. Is it possible to do this on a cat? Only reason I'm asking is I have one client that tends to go too long between grooms and regardless of how much I preach to her about brushing her cats daily if not just once a week, she doesn't and then I have to deal with her mess. I keep raising my price on her, but that has not changed her mentailty yet. I keep telling her that I could groom them two extra times a year and her cats would not have to be put through such a long stressful groom and it wouldn't cost her that much more in the long run. Thoughts?

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    I've never done it, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't. I guess it depends on how mad the cat is after his bath, lol.


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      Catgroomer says not to, but, I forget why. I think their skin tears easier or something.
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        I wet shave matted cats. I think the weight of the water helps pull the mats away from the skin making it easier to tell where the mat ends and the skin begins. Especialy on matted bellies.


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          I rarely do cats at all, but in my class on WetShaving, a girl told a stoyr of a matted, urine co vered, flea infested cat that she had in the tub with flea shampoo on it when she decided to try it wet. Took like 5 minutes......I do not see WHY you couldn't do it. With care of course, like matted dogs.....
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