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Love the results BUT???

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  • Love the results BUT???

    I have just started trying to wet clip matted dogs and I am liking the results that I am getting. I am having a little trouble with the tuckups. Tuckups always scare me anyway but when the dog has mats close to the skin in that area I am not sure how to get the mat without cutting the dog. So far I have been lucky but it still makes me nervous. Any suggestions??

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    I understand your concerns. If the mats are really close to the skin switch to a 10 in that area, and always go down, so your blade is moving away from the skin, not up towards it. If that makes sense. Remember, this is a matted dog, and we don't promise perfection on severely matted dogs. If the blending from the body into the tuck-up isn't perfect, the owner only has himself to blame.

    Another thing you might try is to apply some conditioner and HV that area while the dog is still in the tub. Then rinse and HV again. That will often break up the mat, or move it away from the skin a bit.


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      Tack ups and armpits are so dangerous because the skin there is loose and gets caught in the blade. When I clip tuck up area on any shavedowns, wet or dry, I move the skin from tuck up eather up or to the side, so it is tight and clip over body and proceed carefully. It is hard to explain but if you try to move the dog's skin around you will see what i am talking about.
      I also never force the blade between skin and matts, if it doesn't go thu easily I switch to lower blade.


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        If the mats are on the outside of the leg, put your hand without the clipper inside the dogs tuck up and hold tight towards you for support against the clipper. If the matts are inside the leg I go against the grain holding the leg angle cocked out (be careful) and tuck up is taught. Do small strokes as you cut thru the mats.