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  • Thinning Shears

    On a single serrated blade thinner, does it make a difference as to which blade, the straight cutter or the serrated blade, is "under" the hair, if this makes any sense? I have watched barbers push the straight blade into the hair and the serrated blade comes down on top, which, I assume means the hair closest to the scalp is what is cut and thinned. From the videos I have watched on pet grooming, I see it done both ways, serrated blade on top and straight blade on top. When would you use either technique, or doesn't it matter?

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    The theory behind thinning shears/blenders is to blend the shorter hair into longer hair, so I was trained to always use them with the solid blade toward the dog, slightly angled away from the skin to avoid injury.


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      Results matter more than technique. I've never 'flipped' my thinning shears, so the solid blade is always on the bottom. Under the coat to bulk out, on top of the coat to blend.
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        Thank you both for your experienced answers. Karla, do you mean sinking the blade deeper into the coat for thinning and basically skimming the top for blending?