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    I was taught in school to use the clipper on the entire body 3 times, brushing up each time, then touch up areas as necessary. Stick ups are scissored off, especially around the legs. Now where I work, my boss has told me to keep going over the dog until no hair comes off and to use more pressure. Most of the where I look, the overall consensus is to use "light pressure" with the clipper, but what does that mean?? What is that comparable to? There isn't much information about clipperwork, so can someone give me correct clipping techniques advice? Thanks in advance.

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    Just saw this and thought I’d throw my two cents in. As far as pressure, I guess I use a light to medium pressure. A light firm contact without bearing down on the clipper. You don’t want to be so heavy handed that the tip of your blade gouges out the coat. Keep the blade flat on the coat and use long smooth strokes. Clip with the lay of the coat (do not crosscut) to avoid clipper marks. If you need to lightly stretch the skin to go over bumps, rolls, and valleys to keep it long and smooth you can. I was taught (when I was in “real world”) to go over the dog, backbrush only once, go over dog again, move on to scissoring. The school I attended taught us not to backbrush at all., go over dog twice with the lay of the coat, move on to scissoring. That being said I now use my Bravura with combs 98% of the time, and rarely use blades.