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What is your technique for trimming legs?

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  • What is your technique for trimming legs?

    I am interested to know how the rest of you approach this part of the groom. I use a comb guard to set length then scissor. I find the legs to be my least favorite and hardest part to get perfect. Most of my dogs don't like having their legs messed with so I try to be as gentle as possible but it is hard to do a great job when the dog is putting equal effort into pulling you to the other side of the table. I have seen groomers reverse clip a couple of lengths longer and call it a day but to me it doesn';t look finished. The back of the leg is the most difficult for me to get perfect.

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    I know a lot of people do that.. and that's fine. My customers hate it when the legs are longer than the body. Well.. there are a couple of different techniques... one is to hold the back foot up.. towards you so you've got a straight angle of the sides of legs from the back..... comb comb comb.. the scissor straight the legs. Set the legs down.. then do more combing. I will scissor the legs from behind the dog. Then go to the side of the dog and scissor more.

    The other thing I do... is use a sling on the smaller dogs. There are numerous kinds you can get. If you are corporate, you won't be able to do that. But like I said.. my customers hate the longer leg look. I just think it should be blended well from the body to the top of the leg. That way, when it grows out, it doesn't look funky. The sling has saved me a lot of time and hassle.
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      Thank You , that was helpful.


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        If you are trimming around the paw, and the dog tries to pick up the paw, just lift up the opposite one in your left hand as you scissor. Do the same, pick up the opposite paw/leg when working on the opposite paw/leg if the dog pulls . I use snap on combs for the legs, I usually do a reverse on the back and front of the leg (getting the hair a little shorter and showing the natural curve of the leg). After I do the legs, I always finish off with scissoring. I too do not do long-length customers like a neat, easy maintenance groom, all of my clients live in homes that have grass clipping, mulch, mud/dirt, burs, etc that love to attach to their legs.

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          I didnt realize that what i do isnt normal, but i tend to do most of my trimming while dog is standing or sitting, most dogs if they hate clippers on legs will do better with scissors. i do have a video of my technique, and although it is showing asian flared legs, i follow same steps for any length, only go reverse when im using my vac and its one length to paw. i love guard combs and use to skim/set/bulk off hair before scissor finish on legs.