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    Today I had my scissors sharped, I have used these scissors for 10 plus years. I was offered a pair of Stadler 8.5 for $40, he left them for me to try for the next 2 weeks. They are brand new. If I like them are they worth the 40$?

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    $40 is very cheap, in my opinion, for a pair of shears you like! Many of us pay hundreds more.
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      if you like them should you buy them?

      Yeah, if you think they're worth it compared to what else you have. Someone on here did recently say that your sharpener is an excellent place to get bargains from, refurbished and brand-new clippers, blades & shears


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        Never heard of Stadler and $40 is cheap for shears, BUT if you find you like them during the trial period then get them. I don't let price or name brand dictate to me if I like or buy any product, especially if I get to try it out before hand. Thats really nice of your sharpener to give you a trial period.
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          By them if you like them! However, I severely doubt they're brand new.. Doesn't make sense for brand new shears to be that cheap and still work flawlessly.


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            have been

            using them and I love em, yep brand new and flawless. They are keepers!