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Setting the length of foot for newbies

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  • Setting the length of foot for newbies

    A quick and easy technique for newer groomers to be able to decide the length of hair to keep on a foot and where to set your bevels, this way works for many breeds. Now, I am using straight shears, but curves will likely make your work go faster...
    Simply plant the feet and stand the dog square. After combing out the hair of the leg and foot completely, take your shear and run it down the top of the foot to find the tip of the toes (never set the length of bevels or round a foot if the nails aren't already clipped). Then keep the shears in place, open the shears wider and cut the front line of the foot straight across at a 30 to 45 degree angle up and away from the foot. Now you can either set the curve around the sides or lift the foot and trim in the angle across the back of the foot pad so that no hair falls past the bottom of the foot.
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    I do it that way on the front and both sides, then cut off the corners then round up any pokeyouties.
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      I'm not a newbie and Ill try that... I never took formal grooming lessons. I did an apprenticeship and the world "bevel" has never been in my grooming vocab lol.


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        Thanks Windyway. I'll try that tomorrow.
        Your tips are very much appreciated.


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          Thats what I do too, great explanation and pic Windy. Pokey outies...lolol


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            Awesome! I've always done that naturally and never thought about it being "right" or not...that bolsters my confidence a bit. Thanks!
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