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    When doing a carrot tail on a dog do you shave the entire underside of the tail or just about 1- 1/2" up the tail? ( I was taught only 1- 1/2", but a co-wker of mine that went to the same school as me, only a few years prior said that she was taught to shave the entire underside...) We brought out the 'Theory of 5' by M.V. and it says only 1- 1/2" but I want to see others opinions?

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    Go to the blogs and click on Chris Sertzels. She just wrote one on carrot tails.


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      I think it must be a matter of style, I dont shave at all on the inder side of a carrin or westie, but O like the scottie tails flat on the back side, I wouldn't use a 10 up the back just short enough to be flat. I was not taught at school, I learned from handles and judges, so I just do what pleases the eye (my eye)


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        Check it out!
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