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  • Reverse Clip Legs

    A few girls that work at my salon do this. And I was wondering who else does this?

    Legs take me longest (because I'm a perfectionist) and so I'm hoping someone experienced can give me some pointers on reverse clipping in general!

    I've been doing a lot of long (1/2" or longer) trims on dogs with fine coats (maltese, yorkies, silkier shih tzus) and when I use my clipper combs (I use the Wahl brand) the hair lays down before it goes over it leaving some spots longer.

    So do you reverse clip? Why or why not?

    Do you just reverse clip legs? If you do, how many lengths up or do you use the same length for your legs?

    And good grooming articles on reverse clipping would also be appreciated!

    Legs take me too long to finish, so even if you have a way to finish legs without reverse clipping and finish them in a timely matter please let me know! Videos are also appreciated!

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    Uhm... raises hand.. I do! I usually go two combs bigger if using a comb and two blades ? longer if using blades?? So, if I've used a 5 blade on the body, I'll take a 3 blade and reverse it.. gives it a nice smooth look. A 7 blade.. then I'll use a 4 blade.

    Combs.. say I use a 1 comb, then I'll use an A comb in reverse. Especially if the hair won't stand up when I'm combing it. If I use an A comb.. I'll use the biggest comb in reverse. It does give a nice finish.

    My customers are plain janes lol.. nothing fancy.. no legs longer than the body.. they want everything even. So, that's what I do.
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      Hi! I do a lot of reverse clips using the Wahl attachment combs too so if I use the number 3 one (10mm I think) think its the blue one then I'll go up 4 comb lengths and work my way down in reverse until I'm happy with the length as I find going reverse on fine silky coats seem to go shorter if you go up 2 ... Any way ... Then I fluff the hair out and any straggles ... Works for me at least and my clients are always happy


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        I don't like using reverse clipping on legs so I use my chunkers.
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