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New to reverse clipping using guard combs

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  • New to reverse clipping using guard combs

    Ok so I know my reverse blades (3 backwards is a 5 and 4 backwards is a 7 etc.) but what about guard combs? I have the Master groomer set and would love to know which ones are equal to forwards blade lengths.

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    I'm not familiar with the lengths and numbers on the Master combs but combs work the same way in reverse as blades. Typically, whatever the length with the grain, when you use it in reverse it takes it two lengths shorter.

    Usually comb sets have their lengths stamped right on them. Look for the lengths stamped on the combs and compare it to metal blades. That will give you the answers for your particular set of combs.


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      Guard Combs usually state their lengths. Remember that the length a guard comb is for being used in reverse. So if youre using a 1/2" guard comb, that's the length you get when using the guard comb in reverse. My metal Wahl guardcombs also state the length in millimeters on them, so all I have to do is compare millimeters to find the blade equivalent.

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        There is a chart at egroomer. I posted one for my assistant after finding it there. Blade lengths too, it's great.