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Shaving a peke.... a revalation.

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  • Shaving a peke.... a revalation.

    I feel like such an idiot for taking so long to figure this out! I have a few pekes come in that the owners want shaved. So I would always try to shave with the grain using a 5 always ending up with lines and chop marks that needed tons of blending. Yesterday a lightbulb went off in my little head. What about a 3 reverse? What a diference! It came out soooo smooth. I used the 3 in reverse on the back and sides the used the 5 for the rest. Its so nice when your brain actually works.

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    I almost always use the rev 3 on pekes, they come out so smooth. blend/thin feathering and even up tail/ears. use thinners under tail and thighs,neaten feet and your done. little bows on the girls and they look so cute!


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      The peke I shaved had the thickest coat. I wish I would have had the 3 3/4 blade I have now while that boy was alive. Grooming him was such a challenge. He was so cute when he was done. I sure miss him.


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        We have Pekes that come in on a regular basis and we do them with a #2 comb, same as we do with Poms.


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          Most our pekes get done with a #7. Leaves it smoother then a #5 and easier then a #3 reverse.

          I have to ask all you east coast and mid state groomers- Why do you do 5's and not 7's on your shave dogs? A 7 is long enough to protect dogs from the sun and easier to pull through most coats. So why make it harder on yourselves and do a 5 which doesnt leave it much longer then the 7?


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            Per the #5/#7 matter - most of our customers are okay with a dog being clipped but don't like a dog that looks "shaved".

            From the standpoint of a groomer it is definitely easier and faster to use a shorter blade like a #7F to whip off the coat, but few owners here want their dogs that short, even in July. While #5F isn't much longer, it seems longer enough to placate owners that don't want a really short shave.

            #5F is what we usually use when the owner wants the dog done in a "summer cut". Those same dogs will typically be done in a #2 comb or longer during the winter months.


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              For some coats, a #5 as opposed to a #7 is the difference between not seeing any skin and seeing skin. Sure, on thinner coated dogs, you'll still see skin with a #5, but with a lot of the dogs I groom, a #7 starts showing skin where a #5 will not. So, if they want it very short and are ok with possibly seeing skin (I tell them it will be very tight on the body), then a #7 it is! If it's a "short but not shaved" customer, we discuss a #5 or #4 or a guard comb.