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    okay so I've only been grooming for a few months and as much as it bugs me to admit it, I still leave my fair share of clipper lines on many different coat types One problem may be that the blades that are available to me probably havn't been sharpened in... ever. (They are finally getting sharpened next week )

    My question is should I wait until I'm more experienced to experiment with reverse clipping? I know 2 blades longer in reverse will give me the length that I want, and I know that I still have to go directly againt the grain of the hair for it to look right.

    Will this help with the dreaded clipper lines? And can this method be used on all coat types or is it just for labs and other short coats.

    I get many golden retriever shave downs, and a bunch of shih tzus, maltese, cockers, and yorkies.

    Any thoughts, opinions, and advice MUCH appreciated!!!!!!

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    The only way to learn is to do it, reverse clipping will certainly help with the lines and eliminate a lot of back brushing. Even after using a blade in reverse you still may have to clean up with a shorter blade with the grain. Like you said about two blades difference, 4f against the grain and 7f with. Good luck.


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      If I started clipping in reverse and decided WHOA this isnt looking right! Can I switch back and continue the groom going wih the grain like nomal? Or is it a once you start you have to finish kinda thing?


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        You can switch

        You can switch. If you were using a 4f reverse, then a 7f forward will be pretty well the same.

        I actually use the reverse in most areas when doing a reverse clip, but still go forward in other areas that seem easier to do so. Just change your blade to a shorter blade when doing the forward parts so you match up.


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          go for it

          ive been reverse clippin for years pretty much every dog i do is reverse. i cant imagine shaving say a ret or old english the normal way.i feel i get a much better finish .say a dog is in for a full shave down due to matting i would take the coat off with a 7f and then finish him with a 7f backwards. prime example samoyeds in for shavedowns due to bad condition i would take coat off with 10 blade and finish with a 10 backward nice and tight leaves a lovely finish cos thoes kind of coats mark like hell. so yes i would


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            i am a student too and the lines (i am told ) are from moving faster than your blades can maybe try slowing a bit. also, doesnt help if the hair is dirty...good luck.


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              No one taught me to reverse shave, I watched it once and thought it just looked awkward. One day I decided to try it and went for it! But I use it a ton now! I reverse shave the majority of the yorkies I do who get snap on comb lengths and similar hair. #7 is a length I prefer to reverse on a lotta dogs. Just because I feel it lays better in the end and less brush up time. I do not use on poodles or bichon mixes and things like that. But for most dogs its so much easier.

              I have a very light hand with the clippers and get lines with certain hair and can't get them out, but reversing for me gets them all out. I do take into consideration skin though. If they have very dry, sensitive, flakey skin or skin issues depending on how severe; I will not do it just because I worry if it is harder on their skin. I also will not reverse shave dogs with super thin skin (just safety preference). It seems like it would be. With the grain would seem gentler. For me reversing using gets it a tad shorter than if I am shaving the normal way, so I don't usually get any thing extra off when I go back over it. I think its just how light handed I normally am.


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                I just started doing this to.. thank you rescue dogs lol!! I did some reverse last week.. still a bit unsure about blade lengths.. but loved how they came out. Sometimes those Shih's unless you go just perfect end up with clipper lines.. I was happy to get rid of them with the reverse!

                Debbie (who now sees the need for a few more blade lengths)
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