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    did I say anything about condemnation of reverse clipping? NOOOOO, so don't put words in my mouth, thank you very much.

    groom anyway you want, makes me no difference. I was just passing on what was told to me about reverse clipping. From what I've been told, it does affect the way the hair grows back. Any further questions, you can contact ISCC at

    refering to remark from Helly.
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      condemnation- Sorry about that!

      I emailed 'em thanks!

      I just thought you were in the know & would share info.

      And you didn't say it effects the hair growth negatively.

      So that could be true... that it does effect the hair growth.... in that reverse clipping for instance with a 5, does make the hair shorter than clipping with the 5 with the lay... so the effect is possible longer wait between groom times.

      I get it.


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        Because I LOVE the suction method

        with Clipper Vac, to avoid lines you must go in reverse. It is closer, but I use 7F so much I actually found a 7F in a purse pocket when searching for my keys tonight. LOL I realize hairdevil does not use a CV. I am sure her clips look smooth her way too. How she avoids hair splinters, I have no idea. I never have them anywhere ever. It is just a preference.


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          Eli, many of us have been doing reverse shaving for years...some as long as 20 years. In my experience, it doesn't affect the growth at all, with the possible exception of doing a 10 reverse or higher. I'm not sure it really has much of an effect even then.

          I've seen plenty of dogs that were clipped prior to surgery, where they use a 40 or 50 and go against the growth. The hair grew back just fine, without any delay. Sometimes I've seen hyperpigmentation in the hair that grows back, but it's usually brief, and the coat returns to normal once the skin gets over the insult caused by the surgery.

          The theory, as I understand it, is that reverse shaving can cause the hair to "snap back" and grow under the skin instead of emerging as it should. No way do I see that happening when you're doing a 5 reverse, most definitely not with a snap on comb. The hair just isn't that short.

          Other than the above mentioned ingrown hair, I personally don't see what difference it would make what direction you cut the hair from. When I'm doing a layered scissor cut, I'm cutting against the lay of the hair, and that doesn't seem to cause any problems, either.


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            Well i didn't mean for my thread to start arguments, but i just wanted to share this with everyone else how easy this technique was for me. I have even had some clients request me to do their dogs because the other groomers refuse to do it that way. It just comes out so much smoother. On the other hand, i have known a certain lab that is now 12 years old that has always gotten shaved with a #7A, and she has never had any problems with the hairshaft, skin is in perfect condition, no fatty tumors or anything. I will keep doing this as it is way easier and smoother and the clients love this. But i don't do this on every dog, only the ones with stiff, hard coats and the occasional Straight haired Shih-tzu who's mom requested a #7 ao. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't realize just how many of you used this technique also, so i'm not in the dark after all. LOL


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              This is great!

              Thanks to all of you for the info on reverse clipping. I tried this on a Pom whose coat was so damaged from years of clippering that a smooth even shave took me nearly an hour when clippering as I was taught in school (that was only 14 months ago...). Took me half the time this round and required very little scissoring to get a nice sculpted look.
              Also tried it on a Golden shave down, best job I have done to date on this dog.


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                Our shop cuts in reverse depending on the coat. Definately wire or hard coats like labs and rotts. We do cocker and springer strips also this way.


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                  I shave in reverse a lot. I shave with a lot. I will even alternate with and against on the same dog. I have a springer, for example, that gets a 7 ao, but there are a few spots where the hair is just so flat against him that no amount of backbrushing will help me get it right with the grain, so I plop on a SS comb and run against the grain in those areas and it works like a charm.

                  I've found that a #2 or #1 SS comb in reverse on labs works amazingly. So easy to blend the head and tail with it too.

                  I love being able to do different things all the time and keep it mixed up. It keeps me from getting bored.


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                    Considering that all standard show poodles get shaved in reverse with a 40 and that I have never seen one grow back with coat damage, I would have to venture that shaving in reverse even with this extreme blade does not cause coat damage. In fact, the hair does seem to grow even faster. I know that Shine's coat is growing in very quickly and very thick and plush after being shaved in reverse with the 40 with the CV for 2 years.

                    I groom every dog in reverse w/CV with the exception of 2 westies and 2 Scotties. Never seen any of them with any coat damage or skin issues.


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                      I also love reverse clipping and do it regularly. I have gotten to where I can usually do a groom quicker if it is done in reverse. It did take a while to "perfect" grooming this way because you aren't just going backwards, you have to go backwards against the lay of the hair which changes on different parts of the body.
                      SheilaB from SC


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                        I learned how to do reverse when I went to school back in january graduated in early june. :-) They taught me how to do it and I absolutely LOVE it! I do it with the length blade with the grain, I do it a blade longer but backwards; #10 forwards, I would do #7 reverse. I also learned to get a lot of lines out and I also pull the skin tight to make sure to get all of the lines out of the coat. hehehe I have also used them on shih tzu's to, and especially any double coated breed; husky, retriever, chow, etc. I use on anything and everything too! :-)


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                          I started doing reverse clipping over twenty years ago, after reading a book at Dog show specialties on grooming schn. So I started with schn. and went from there to other breeds. I reverse almost everything that gets a 4f in length and shorter. I can't stand clippers tracks at all now.


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                            Good for you!

                            I actually learned to do this as a kid on my own cocker spaniel. You get frustrated enough eventually you start fiddling around with things that "might" work!

                            Never branched out from the #7-#10 swap, but you can bet I'll be trying it now!

                            As for causing problems with re-growth... unless that refers to a problem with ingrown hairs (which happens mostly when the hair is fine and soft and can't break through the harder surface of the skin, like me after a few months of waxing my psoraitic-legs... sorry, way off topic there!) there isn't any logical way for that to happen. Hair is dead. Once it is through the top layer of skin, nothing your clippers or scissors do in a normal grooming situation is going to affect its rate or quantity of regrowth.


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                              I like to clip both ways. I use a vac and if for example I am doing a 7 length, I will reverse with a 4f, very quickly as in 5 mins just to get the length off, then I go over it with a 7f. Its much quicker for me to do it this way than just in reverse and no marks in the coat from the vac.


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                                reverse clipping

                                I was taking over for another groomer while she was away. A big golden lab came in. Her notes said 7f in reverse. What? I never heard of such a thing. Do you realize how short it's going to be? I was afraid to do it. And I knew how much hair I would end up inhaling. I tried phoning her, could she possibly mean, do the entire dog backwards? Unable to talk to her I thought, well she has more experience than me, she should know. So I decided, OK, whole dog backwards. With one exception, I did him 'wet', that way all those little short hairs would not be flying around. End result, WOW. Very nice. No lines. Smooth, soft. And when the owner returned for pick-up, (no need to share the details with her), she said 'wow, he really looks good'. I thought, I'm going to do this more often. But now, reading all the controversy about follicles, clogged pores, yes it's a good thing, no don't do it... I'm worried about the dog. The other groomer finally got back to me and said, 'make sure he's bone dry when you do it'. Too late, he's done. She doesn't believe in wet shaving, so I'll share that detail with her later. I'm ordering a clipper vac, so I will have to get used to doing reverse clipping, but so far, I think it's a big s up! By the way, I LOVE this forum, I am learning so many things that were not even talked about in school. Now I know, my school was so lame, but it did teach me the basics, and I am on my way to my new career. I LOVE IT!!!