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Desenex for yeasty feet?

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  • Desenex for yeasty feet?

    Does anyone know if this is safe and effective? It contains Miconazole which is in other pet care products. Can't find anything definitely saying it is safe. Have several dogs with sore itchy feet and nothing is helping them.

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    What are in the inactive ingredients and is this for your dogs or clients.
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      While not a cure I have seen it moderated with apple cider vinegar. I refer people to this article and let them make their decision

      My vet let me use the selenium sulfide 1% version of Selsun Blue shampoo on feet or the whole dog. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse well. It worked pretty well. Once a week. I am now using after reading here about Skin Rescue lotion and it is working well but give it time. 2 weeks in working quite well.


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        Thank You....this is for use on dogs feet. Many clients here is Florida are dealing with this...don't know if it is environmental, diet etc. All I know is many of my dogs are coming in with itchy, raw feet. Dog I had yesterday could not even tolerate me to touch sad to see them suffer like this.


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          We have this problem in E Tx. .....dogs with raw itchy feet. Most all have good results with apiquil (sp) from the vet.
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