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Is my client RE_INFECTING her ears

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  • Is my client RE_INFECTING her ears

    because she is scratching her ears with her yeasty back feet? Why oh why dosen't the vet treat the dogs feet as well as the ears? I have been grooming this dog for a year.......6 weeks ago she had an ear infection. I assured owner that I placed cotton in the ears and cleaned them well. This week, she is back and has had infection in both ears......owner tells me not to wash her head at because last time I apparently still got water in her ears...... . Upon inspection, I found, yellow crusty infection all around the nail bed on back feet. It seems logical to me that she is re-infecting herself by scratching.......I relayed this info to the owner and suggested they contact their vet and ask about this.

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    My opinion is that it's not up to a groomer to figure out the cause of an infection. I'm not trained to know, and don't have access to tests. So I think it makes good sense to suggest the owner talk to their veterinarian. I don't even like to make guesses, because if I'm wrong, I could send the owner down the wrong path of finding a solution.
    Since you're putting cotton in the ears, I don't see how water could get in to the ears. Maybe you could just clean the face with a towel so that there is zero chance of water getting into the ears.
    This too shall pass


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      Could be (groomer opinion only ) I know for a fact it has nothing to do with you getting water in the ears, old wives tale, vets flush infected ears with water all the time. Could be that owner did not give the full dose of meds then go back to vet to make sure infection was gone the first time.
      Anyway, you did right by SUGGESTING to owner to talk with their vet about it.
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.