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    Just had to share a story....

    So I have cut dogs before, not very often, but as we all know it just happens sometimes despite your best efforts. As a rule, I always tell the owner about it, apologize profusely several times, and offer to pay for a vet visit if they find it at all necessary. I do this regardless of whether it was my fault or not. Unless I don't want to groom the dog again that is.....
    I find that it goes a long way, and I have never yet had someone not come back as a direct result of a cut. Only 2 freak outs, one I just have to share...
    So I used to groom a little Doxie mix of some sort, named Mimzy, just one of the sweetest, best behaved dogs. Mimzy's owner was a young adult woman who lived alone and worked minimum wage, but had some sort of condition. She wasn't quite right, but I could never figure out what her medical issue was and figured it wasn't my business. She was a little bit of a pain, over dramatic and always asking for something different every time (but not really different). For example, leave the tail this month, next week trim the tail and leave the ears, or leave the legs but cut the body short but don't touch the ears but trim the tail.........
    Anways, I was using a #7F on Mimzy's head when she turned suddenly and the blade nicked the tip of her little ears. She didn't even yelp she was such a sweetie. I worked at a vet clinic then. I glued the ear and explained what happened and apologized, sending her on her way.
    Get this... She makes it about 2 blocks, stops at the stop sign, and calls the clinic, demanding they come to her car and treat poor Mimzy, whose ear had started to bleed a bit after scratching at it. The Tech's refuse and make her drive the 2 blocks back to the clinic. She comes in screaming and crying and cupping her hand under Mimzy's head to catch the blood that is barely glistening. She instists on a wrap and cries and carries on, creating a huge scene about it. So she leaves about an hour later, poor Mimzy has half her head wrapped up to double the size (with gauze inside) and looks miserable.
    Poor Mimzy, having to live with that craziness. That is only one tale of this client, god help me.


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      Accidents happen. I've always finished my groom (provided the injury is minor, like nicking the ear or toe, which has stopped bleeding and dog is comfortable and happy) and told the parent at pickup, face to face. I show them the injury, explain how it happened and ask them to keep a look out for infection, even tho I haven't ever heard about any infections afterwards from clients.
      My coworkers have told clients over the phone and had them arrive very upset, when that could have been avoided by doing it in person.
      Just my two cents.