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  • Grooming loop w/quick release

    does anyone know where i can buy another noose with the quick release on it? i have one that came with my Groomers helper and i love it! i want to buy another but dont know where i can (i dont want to spend $13 for another one from Groomers Helper.)

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    buy two from GH

    $12.50 each, buy two for $25 and the shipping is $5... you will get the best on the market.


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      Don't cheat yourself---those loops are the best on the market.

      $13 is NOTHING compared to a pain in the rear end loop. You get what you pay for.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Originally posted by k9krazy_2050 View Post
        $12.50 each, buy two for $25 and the shipping is $5... you will get the best on the market.
        Ditto, that's the way to do it.

        You won't be happy with anything else, because they aren't the same.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          did you ask Chuck from groomers helper if you could get exra loops?


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            that one would think twice about $12.50 or $13 or such for something that is so good, could be life saving, and if you just keep the dog from chewing on it will last 100 years or so. It is sad that one's budget would be that tight, and hope that passes darn quick for anyone that would be that close with finances. Skip the Carls Burger and eat homemade rice a couple of days?
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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              I use a quick release that th eloop clips into costs about $3.50 and you just pull down on it and dog is released but dogs can't do it themselves. Worked with them for years then had velcro quick releases hated them and glad to be back to the older method


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                ummm...I never thought to ask Chuck for an extra! would he give you an extra with the purchase of a groomers helper?


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                  is it just me...or did the people at dog shows once sell these things? I though they did...but i never payed attention. does anyone know of a vendor at dog shows (around the New Jersey, PA, Maryland, NY area) that might have them?


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                    I will send you an extra loop FREE!


                    If you purchase a starter set I will give you $12.50 Off, Free Shipping a $10.00 value and I will give you an extra loop for FREE a $12.50 value just to say thank you. That’s $35.00 in savings.

                    If you purchase a Professional Set I will give you $50 Off, Free Shipping a $15.00 dollar value and two extra loops a $25 dollar value and a tether repair kit a $5.00 Value. That’s $95.00 in savings! I hope this helps.

                    Call me at 1-866-XTRAHAND.

                    This offer is good for any PetGroomer.Com member.

                    Happy Grooming,



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                      i already purchased a starter set and didnt get an extra grooming loop (unless the one included was the extra one, i know i can be very stupid sometimes)


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                        You may still qualify for a Free loop.

                        Dear Doggroomer123,

                        Maybe you can still get a Free loop. Please call me at 1-866-987-2426 today. It all depends who and when you purchased your starter from.

                        Last edited by Chuck; 06-07-07, 07:16 PM.


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                          I dont think i can...i tried calling ur number and...i hear "sorry your call cannot be completed as follows" or "this number is teperarilly out of service" I dont know who i purchased the GH from!!! im screwed...i really need another one. I just love the one that came with mine. and i want an extra for the rear legs. I dont have to put the legs thru the noose with you GH loop. I wish you would start selling the GH at dog shows...i know a lot of dog show people who would really find your product helpful. Thanks


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                            I don't understand the number works.

                            Dear Doggroomer123,

                            Don't cry, buy! You should sell The Groomers Helper at dog shows and make some extra cash. You can become an affiliate. Try this link

                            Otherwise check out the photos below of the no-sit feature of the "Upgrade".
                            $149.95 and I will take $25 OFF. You get another Groomers Helper and another loop and I will pay the shipping and give you a second loop for free. That is a $50.00 savings. You own the "Starter Set" when you buy the "Upgrade" it completes your "Professional Set".

                            If it is just another loop you want stop by any of the twenty shows I do each year and identify yourself as a member and I will give you a free loop and a chance to win a Groomers Helper set. Or send me $12.50 and $5.00 for shipping and handling. Actually you should buy two for $29.95 this includes shipping.

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                              i cant...i am only in middle school. I dont think it is allowed for me to sell this stuff at dog shows (or sell anything at all). Maybe you could try to get Cherrybrook to sell it. I think the dog show handlers would find it very useful. I certainately love mine. I would love to buy an upgrade to complete the professional set...but i dont have any money for that now. The professional set would be great though.