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    I worked for a company who boasted the "highest safety standards in the industry". They had a list of dogs considered too high of a risk of collapsible trachea, and we could not put that sort of pet under a cage dryer (hot humid environments irritate it and dogs have died in dryers becuase of it.) Anyway, I dont work there anymore and I cant remember all the dogs. I even had to take a test about it, but all I remember is Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, small poodles, yorkies, and short nosed dogs and cats like pugs and persians. Does anyone have a complete list. My current employer does not have a standard when it comes to this and I would like to employ my own based on my previous employment. What other dogs should I choose to hand dry?

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    I don't have a list but I would include any brachycephalic breed, and any of those under 10 pound dogs for sure. And if it is under 10 pounds and brachycephalic put it in red! lol.


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      IMO, no dog should be left in a hot and humid dryer, regardless of whether or not it has a short nose or potential collapsing trachea. While some breeds may be prone to the issue, ANY dog, regardless of breed can suffer from a collapsing trachea. Shorter nosed dogs may notoriously have an issue with heat, but so do most housedogs that are not accustomed to being in the heat. You don't have to be a bulldog to have difficulty breathing in a hot, humid environment.

      It's one thing to put a dog in a kennel/cage with a cool/room temperature blower on it to assist in drying, but another completely to put a dog or cat in front of a heat producing dryer with no ability to escape from the heat.

      There is NO EXCUSE for a dog or cat to DIE while under a dryer. That has little to do with the dryer and everything to do with the lack of care and supervision. Every dog/cat put under a heat dryer is in a potentially life compromising situation. No dog or cat should ever be left unattended when under a heat dryer.


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        I don't have a list.

        I pretty much hand dry everything. The only dogs that are kennel dried are the ones that can't tolerate the noise and force of the HV (or stand dryer). So I only cage dry a couple old dogs and some freaky dogs. I might start a puppy with the HV and then transfer to the cage dryer but I am training them to not mind the HV.

        I also NEVER use the kennel dryer on the high setting. Some days the grooming room feels so hot I think I am going to pass out. I can't imagine how a dog would feel.

        Besides and hand dried dog looks so much better. I'm not a good enough groomer to compensate for a poorly dried coat.
        "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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          Originally posted by SwissNChow View Post
          IMO, no dog should be left in a hot and humid dryer, regardless of whether or not it has a short nose or potential collapsing trachea. .... No dog or cat should ever be left unattended when under a heat dryer.

          Exactly!!!!! My "cage dryers" are kennels or cages in our warm tub room w/floor fans.
          SheilaB from SC


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            I have always chosen dryers that have NO HEAT. I have to agree... a stand dryer may need some heat to really work on certain areas of a dog that you are going to straighten but no other dryer should ever be used that has heat IMHO.

            Grizzly & B-air, floor fans (of any sort) can work just great with room temperature air. This has been a huge issue with safety with pet owners for years. I prefer to let owners know, it may take longer for their pet to dry but it is that I keep their pets safety at the top of my list for any pet entrusted to my care.


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              I probably worked for the same employer you did.. the list was, bulldog, shih tzu, yorkie, toy and miniture poodles, toy spainels, mastiff, persian, himayalian, pug, chihauhas, lasa , pekes any pet over 10yrs and any pet under 6 months


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                Trachea problems can include laryngeal paralysis,debark scar tissue, trachea collapse,and I kind of view it as more of a medical issue than just a breed specific thing. Many toy poodles are totatally unaffacted,while others may struggle to breathe if they get over heated,or have a collar on their neck,get over excited ,etc. We had 1 week last summer that the temp. was extreme for our region,and my little Cindee was badly affected. I keep prednisone,and a mild sedative and benadryl on hand for her per Dr.'s orders,seasonal allergies have caused her a lot of difficulty at times too.
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                  I also agree with Swiss. The only time I'll use a heated dryer is to warm a cage before putting a puppy or elderly dog in it. They're easily chilled, and I like to keep things comfortable for them. But the dryer is turned off once the animal is in the cage.

                  If you have dryers that heat up (some no-heat dryers will still kick out some heat when the motors get hot), you also need to monitor the room temp. If it gets up to 80 degrees or higher, it's time to use fans instead of dryers.