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  • Westie Help???

    I just did my first westie..
    I can't really figure out why the head does not look right..He did NOT want his head trimmed at all but it still looks strange!!
    How can i transition the head to the body better?
    The owner wants the head/skirt to grow out but a short body, i used a 6 on the body trimmed the head/skirt.
    Now my other question is the it suppose to be just a normal skirt as i did or did i do it wrong?
    The head pictures are not the best..he kept trying to play with both of my dogs instead of looking at the camera!
    please help!!
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    If you will PM me with your email I will send you my Westie chart I have. It is designed for HS dogs but can be adapted to clippered. ALSO you took off too much on the head all over. My blog has a "Yorkie head" section that is done westie style that would help you out.

    The skirt is not quite chart can help you a lot.

    Also, look at Toto in this picture and Sam in his show picture. Both are longer than your dog but the lines are the same regardless of length. To blend the head into the back easier, I start the head BEHIND the ears and leave a SLIGHT crest for an inch or two down the back of the neck.

    I did NOT groom Sam in that photo but had the pleasure of doing him twice at Intergroom. Won a second in HS class with him in fact. That photo taught me a LOT about grooming a westie.
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      Part of the problem is that you are working on a poorly bred dog so his head and ears are out of proportion. Even with perfect grooming, he will never look just right.

      Sounds like Parti can lead you in the right direction. Good luck.


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        Yes, use Parti's charts

        You will need to leave more hair on the head around the ears (especially the bottom of them), and the skirt lines you have will be quite different. On those Terriers, you go down the shoulders and hips to below the muscle portion, and the side is blended from the body to the skirt/furnishings. So you will not have a straight line from front to back, as you do on your dog. Also, you will not be trimming so close on the feathering as you go low on the leg, as I see on the front leg in your photo.

        You will enjoy copying "the look" from good charts and photos, and seeing the dog transform. Have fun!


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          Your best and CHEAPEST Westie grooming education can be obtained from purchasing Jodi Murphy's DVD on will be able to review the techniques every time the Westie is scheduled. I guarantee that your second grooming will not look anything like the first grooming. I still review multiple educational DVD's even though I've been grooming for almost 30 yrs !!

          Happy Westie Grooming

          Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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            I didn't realize they had such DVD's (Jodi Murphy's DVD)....
            I'm going to look into that also. Thanks


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              I HATE a short blade on the back of a westie. I usually use a snap on comb (I like a 2) or a 3 or 4 blade. You can't get a good blend into the skirt with a short blade. You end up with a line.