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    Has anyone here groomed one of these Logotto Romagnolo's before? What are they like? I'm looking at info online but wanted to see what anyone here has to say. I've got a 4 month old puppy coming in next week, it's never been groomed. I can already tell from speaking with the owner over the phone it's going to be a lengthy check in

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    Ha ha -

    Did she see the TV show that I caught a bit of, and go and buy herself a pup??? LOL

    They look kind of like the Spinone, I think - it will end up being a "do what you gotta do" as the coat matures, I'm betting.


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      I groom one

      Be prepared... it's kinda Doodly. hehe... the breeder told her that it only needed grooming once or twice a year (ya, maybe if she wanted it shaved bald, which she doesn't) I've convinced her to bring him in more but he's still usually matted.

      They are very similar to a porti, but the clip is a bit different. The dog should be left approximately 1.5 inches long when curly (or to owners taste) the tail should be about the same, maybe slightly longer, and looking sort of rutter-like (lab like) the ears should be trimmed along the ear leather (leaving a 1/2 inch or so) and tidied so they look layored. The cheeks can be shortened down a bit so the ears lay flatter the hair is trimmed above the eyes, and the head blends into the ears and body. The muzzle should look scruffy and natural, although the hair should be shaped (you don't want a tight wedge like a porti, but you don't want a big long beard like a schnauzer)


      the curls are supposed to be defined. I would bath the dog, brush it wet, clip it down to the approximate length, then put in in a cage dryer, or just let the stand dryer blow air on it without brushing. Then tidy it up when it's dry so it's neat and tidy but still curly.
      (my client also has a porti and she finally told me that they are supposed to be curly, and that's what sets them apart from the portis... whoda guessed. But with further research, she was right, they are supposed to be curly)

      The one I groom is a nut (but mom's a bit spinny too) He hates his feet and back legs being done (he does the leg cross, try to sit thing) when he gets stressed, he rips his own hair out. (his daddy owner just died... needless to say, he's pretty thin at the moment) and he slobbers and pants the whole groom... hopefully starting your out as a young puppy will be much better.


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        I wanted to get one and did a lot of research and went as far as becoming a member of couple yahoo groups.
        They are "rustic" breed and per breed standard they are supposed to be presented with tight unbrushed curls. Per orthodox grooming method for the breed they are supposed to be shaved down once or twice a year to keep coat from pelting. No shaping or sculpturing of the coat is permited in between. It was first thing that turned me off. Temperment -They for most part do not like strangers, have very high rate of HD and epilepsy.
        To keep the look without letting the dog get matted do what Poodlestar said.


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          Everything went great with this groom. The dog did quite well for a 4 mo. old puppy. Came up to me and flopped over for a belly rub right away. Owner and I were on the same page right from the start. I'm so glad I did some research first and thanks for all the input! She'd seen the once or twice a year suggestion vs. the 1 to 1 1/2 inch keep it able to be maintained suggestion and was all for the keeping it maintained route (thankfully!) She's not showing, not breeding, this is simply her pet.

          So we agreed upon trimming around the ears, clipping to about 1 inch all over for now/summer in Florida. Messy-ish face, topknot so dog can see, used thinning shears over side of topknot/ears to blend it into ears instead of having a harsh poodlish line. Agreed to let air/fan dry and then scissor anything truly horrific sticking out, but then leaving it as it dried. I think it turned out good! And she loved it!

          I pretty much totally groomed this dog before the bath (so glad he was clean, that helped.) Feet too - pads, scissored around them.

          Here's the pics.
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            Fantastic pics! He looks like a really calm puppy.