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  • I knew this day was coming

    Ive booked a maltese, and im having a total brain fart....Its been a LONG while since ive done a maltese "puppy cut". refresh, which blade and/or comb is best to achieve a "puppy length" on the body? I never have malteses. I think i might have forgotten the fur texture, its been so long. I get lots of shih tzus..schnauzers...poodles...and yorkies. But no malteses. aaah.

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    Just treat it like a shih tzu, puppy cut is whatever the owner wants.... depending on how fluffy they want, with a round face. Just ask the owner how much hair they want left on. I like to do reverse clips on maltese because they come out so much smoother. Their hair can be quite soft and sometimes hard to get a good cut on, so break out the thinners too.


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      Try not to worry too much yet Shano. She might be a mattball,and need a comfort clip anyway. LOL Just remeber they have very thin tender skin and go easy. If she has a nice coat that just needs tidying,you could scissor over comb layer the set a length,and slowly move up the body. then free style scissor the rest? If I am going to use a guard comb on maltese I comb the coat to lift off the bod just a bit,or I will get lines. I follow the natural lay of the coat with the guard comb. They took me a long time to be happy with my trims ,not the easiest coats for pet trims. Just give yourself lots of time.
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        Well I doubt she will be that matted, mom brushes and combsher every day....but I think ill try the. Reverse clip, and thin thin thin. I love how every puppy cut is different but I did tell mama to bring a picture so hopefully all goes well: )