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Never done a Black Russian Terrier

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  • Never done a Black Russian Terrier

    ...And I have one scheduled for Wednesday. Yikes. I have never even seen one in real life. Anyone have any tips/ advice/ suggestions for me? Or resources I could look at? I am uber excited but a little nervous. The guy seemed like he will be very picky, and we are a new salon and I want to impress!

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    From the Breed Photo Album from watt a dog here.
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      show standard grooming

      I have never had to groom one of these either ,however I searched for some grooming guidelines for you.
      these are very descriptive and detailed,hope they help. good luck


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        show standards

        follow this link it shows detailed instructions of proper grooming for black Russian terriers, scroll to the bottom of the page for grooming options
        Black Russian Terrier - BRT - breeder in Washington state, USA. They have puppy pictures, brt history, breed description, and a grooming profile. World champion and international champion lines.


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          O O O O Man! Good luck to you! I've groomed one. They are VERY cool to groom....IF they are well trained! I eventually had to "fire" mine because it just wasn't worth the hassle. The owner did not understand the power of this breed and how to maintain control and I didn't have time or inclination to be her "trainer/groomer" every couple months. If the owner doesn't have good command of the dog then you will have a very powerful, pushy, beast to contend with. I hope yours works out for you because they ARE very cool to groom!
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            Wow! I used to work under the handler that did the #1 BRT. They are groomed SIMILARLY (not completely) like a Bouvier. Big full heads. Their chest set is different among a couple other things. One thing that not a lot of people do is the butt/pants area is VERY tight. My boss would shave his ass like a baboon. LOL.
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              Thank you! Those are great links!!!