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Too many labradoodles & golden doodles!!

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    Originally posted by Tamlynn1117 View Post
    Thank you so much for all the replies. I just wanted to add that when I went back to work Tuesday I had a talk with my boss. Basically she said it was my fault I didn't have all those dogs done in a sufficient time and that her previous groomer didn't do nearly as good as a job as me & the dogs didn't look as good but people were ok with it. And that she could do 12 dogs in a 8 hour shift by herself and take a 45 minute lunch. My boss also said that I want every dog to look like a show dog & that's why I can't do as many dogs as her last groomer. My boss is not a groomer & doesn't know the first thing about properly grooming a dog. I have decided that its not going to work out in the long run and I'm actively looking for other work.
    I think you must work for my old bosses! You cant "bring the QUALITY" to a high volume shave shack and expect non-groomer owners to understand better quality+higher prices= more money for less work. When business owners see that you can indeed charge more fir grooming... They just book more dogs at a higher price.

    Then you end up with Saturdays packed with handscissored Bichons, miscellaneous fluffies, dogs getting color, and Chows in full coat that play sit n' spin on the table. It's not even worth cultivating a high end clientele that appreciates quality in shops like that.
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      Yeah, it's unfortunate. Working for a non groomer is often really difficult because they mostly only look for the bottom line and don't care about what goes walking out the door, as long as they are getting their $$! Are you able to go out on your own? It's the best thing I ever did!!
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        You are my hero. I do the exact same as you suggest here. I*m considering no more doodles from this week on. I have such a hard time with the owners.