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    I have a doodle client that I always love playing with. She sheds and has the more straight wiry coat. They say shes a golden doodle, but she looks more like a labdoodle. Anyways we make her look like a neat dustmop as I put it. I run and e-comb over her with no backbrushing and then thining shear the rest of her so she still has a little messy look. It looks sooooo cute and really suits her personality. I think the doodles with her hair type don't exactly look right when they are super coifed. Also, I've done some to look like Irish Wolfhounds when they have the wiry thin coat. I've also heard of people spritzing the dog with something to moisten the coat slightly and put some curl back in it so they don't look too much like a poodle (it's with the doodles with the curly tight coats)

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    We always here the typical... Don't make it look like a poodle... So on one new doodle client. I prepped it, bathed it, wet clipped it, put in a cage dryer, ran a brush/comb over it, and trimmed around bum, eyes, feet, and any long hairs missed during wetshaving... and vwalla... handed the dog back to the owner, charged the same as I did for hand-drying, and and a typical clip, and it took me under an hour of hands on work... the owner was THRILLED... it was scruffy, and curly, but clean in trimmed...

    Easiest doodle EVER


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      love those easy "scruffy" doodles!

      I'm right with you on the scruffy doodles. The #1 thing the doodle owners I know say is "just don't make him/her look like a poodle!"
      I love those wavy coats, like the one you described, I do the same thing and they always look good. And no obsessing over fuzzies! The ones with really curly poodle-y coats are a bit harder to get scruffy looking, do you have suggestions for that? I usually just end up not trimming the fuzzies off after I go over the dog with the comb attachment. What do you do with those?
      I would love to see a picture, do you have one to post?