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Schnauzer mix--can I strip him?

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  • Schnauzer mix--can I strip him?

    I recently adopted a 7 month old Schnauzer mix. The prior owners think he was maybe a Schnoodle, but they weren't certain, and he doesn't look very Poodley.

    So his heritage is mysterious. He's been clipped several times, but he's starting to grow in this lovely harsh salt & pepper coat along his spine. (He's a soft, mostly uniform grey everywhere else) I'm wondering if I can strip him and get that nice hard coat down his sides as well.

    I have two Westie clients that come in for regular stripping, but I get the feeling that Schnauzer stripping and Westie stripping are two different beasts. Is there anyone with experience who can offer advice?

    How long would it likely take to turn the soft coat hard? I would be rolling, just a teensy bit every day until he's used to the process and then weekly after that. I've never stripped a short head either, so I'm not quite sure how to go about that. Would it look stupid to strip the body and clip the head?

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    The groomer who taught me stripping was a big terrier person, she herself had learned from Peter Green back in the day. On most pet dogs we groomed who had been altered and didn't have the "perfect" coat we did a combination of clip/strips and the dogs always turned out nice. You can try with your pup but Schnauzers who have been altered are notorious for having beastly, unstripable coats. BTW this thread is unacceptable without pictures!


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      Schnauzer mix--can I strip him?

      Oh sorry, I forgot to upload them!
      Close up of the coat in question:

      And a gratuitous cutie shot:
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        Wow my ADD is in hyperdrive today! Please ignore that YouTube link, I meant to post this picture:


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          No clue . But holy moly is he a cutie!!!


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            Lol, I don't know either but I have to agree with paisley, he is adorable!


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              I can't help you on this one but he is incredibly cute.


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                oh my heavens he is cute!


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                  Thanks! We got very lucky finding him, he is just so adorable!

                  I did some stripping on him today. Not much was coming out, but his hair is a bit short for stripping yet. Now I wish I hadn't clipped him last month. I do have high hopes for his coat though. I've always wanted my own terrier for stripping.