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Yorkie poo Ideas?? Pictures are appreciated!!!

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  • Yorkie poo Ideas?? Pictures are appreciated!!!

    I have a friend that wants me to come to his house and groom his yorkie poo, Chunky. (lol)

    They got the dog at the "sale barn" (we are country folk 'round these here parts) and he has lived on their farm for a few years without ever being groomed. They said i can just experiment away on him and they dont care what I do as long as he's cute

    Soo...does anyone have any creative ideas that will be really impressive and maybe earn me a fulll time customer? Picture ideas are best, as i am a visual learner THANKS!!

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    However you groom this little guy will depend on his coat and body type. Is he more like a yorkie or a poodle? Curly or wavy?

    The bigger question must be, "Why have they waited a few years to have him groomed?" You may have no real choice in how you groom him as he may be one big matt! Hopefully that won't be the case. Hopefully he will be a good liittle boy and allow you to show how good you are maiking him handsome!

    Sorry I don't have any pix to share. Good luck with him and tell us how it goes.