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  • Yorkie/Poo

    Today I did three Yorkie/Poo's all different owner and each one looked totally different.
    The first was solid black with a Yorkie shaped body and thick smooth (almost cockerish) coat. I used a #A comb attachment over the body and a rounded face.
    The second was white with a tan undercoat had super long legs and a poodle shape. I used a #1 comb attachment lamb trim as the legs had very whispy hair, clean shaven face with a small mustache. Nice top knot.
    The third looked like a Yorkie with a saddle back coloring and curly soft coat.
    I used a #1 comb attachment all over with a rounded face.

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    I have two that I do, both related and they both look like yorkies with curly coats though.. The coloring is just like a yorkies...Tammy~


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      I think they're so cute. I do some yorkie poos and shcnauzerpoos. They look like the last you described and I cut them the same way. I love that yorkie coloring.