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    So i had a client bring her piggies into the vet for a nail trim and I wound up bathing them as well,, oh and blow drying because it was just too cold to have them outside wet..I thought one of the girls I work with was going to die laughing watching me do this. They were good and I would do more it literally took me 5 minutes a piece and I charged 10 bucks a pop, not bad 20 bucks for 15 minutes of work.

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    Yes, I know. I have groomed several little piggies. They are easy to groom. I even shaved one. I think it was called a Silky. It had real long hair and it was all matted and tangled. Super easy. I love the little boogers. I shaved an angora rabbit but it was not fun and it looked terrible but Im sure the poor thing felt better. It was matted tight to the skin. It was not fun.


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      Oh, I love grooming cavies! They're just so bloody cute to have around, and as you said, they're done in a flash. Other than cleaning out the intact boars, which can get stinky, they're a fun and easy groom.


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        Originally posted by Kifaru View Post out the intact boars...
        Just curious about this. What would this involve?
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          My guinea pig works with me everyday in my grooming truck.

          In the morning she get a 99cent salad from McDonalds when I stop for my coffee. And off to work we go, no complaints, she even works Saturdays, everyone calls her my working pig. Many of my clients come in the van to check on her. In her cage she has a igloo for winter and in the summer she has a tiki hut. She is a rescue pig......someone was going to let her loose because the kids (?) no longer wanted her. I told them I would take her to the SPCA and sat her cage up on the counter in my elite. My first dog grooming with her was a westie who is like a land shark for her face. She saw a pig a locked her eyes on the pig and I could sissor her face so easy. The pig went on payroll that very day.