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  • Did I get it right?

    I groomed Mr Nelson Right again this week. Just wondering if there's anything I can do better on him? I'm not sure how to set the line on his rear legs as his body is so short. Also any tweaks I can do to his head to improve.

    Thanks, guys!

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    Your line on his legs is super low imo. If I'm leaving full legs I blend off up at the hip bone. Front legs should drop off from the shoulder blade. First locate the joints on the dog, and as you approach them while clipping the body lift your clipper to skim off, it makes it easier to blend. It's very difficult to blend off a sharp stop line, especially with such short body coat.

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      He looks great! I'm sure mom and dad were very happy with how he looked.

      I would suggest blending a bit more on those areas where the short body meets the longer legs. You should not be able to see where that point is. It should be a fairly easy fix, just remember to view the dog as a whole when you're doing the blending work, rather than just focusing on the one area you happen to be working on at the time.

      The same thing goes for the head. His head is fairly round, but you can definitely manage to get it "rounder" by treating it as a whole. So fluff all the hair up on one side, then scissor it as round as you can get it. Fluff all the hair back, scissor it as round as you can get it. Comb it all down and scissor it as round as you can. Fluff the hair forward and scissor it round. Don't move the ears at all when you do this - this will keep them looking "invisible" when all is said and done because they were treated as part of the head itself.

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        When I do full legs like this I think of of this way, maybe it sounds weird but might help.

        Leave the fullness on the legs higher up to look like exaggerating muscles around the shoulder and hip. To me before you blend, it looks like those old teddy bears where you could move the arms around. Then blend from there by skimming a similar guard off from the line to the leg. You can use thinners if you need to blend more.

        If you leave more above and around where you want the "lines" to be, it is much easier to blend. I do something similar with poodle topknots, where I leave extra fullness down the back of the neck further than it should go so I can blend. Hope it helps, I know I have a strange way of explaining things =/


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          I guess I forgot to mention, the lines are weird since the owner wants to make sure that any place a dog shirt or coat would sit is short. Mr Nelson always wears a shirt, coat, or some form of clothing.
          Any special techniques to blend better? His body is in a 6 blade and I have never trimmed his legs since I've been grooming him.


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            I think your head looks great! It's nice & round, and you've done well setting the head tall and high off the neck.

            When doing the back legs, blend it down almost like an Airedale. His hair will be shorter on the flanks and blend into longer hair so that it looks like one piece. Guard combs can help accomplish this look.

            I agree that his legs are set just a bit too low, it doesn't leave you any room for blending. Don't shave the tuck up, leave it fluffy so you can mold the legs into the body structure.

            This isn't the best picture for this, but you can kinda see how short the rear legs are in the rump and flanks, and how much fluff is left on the front of the leg and tuckup area.
            Click image for larger version

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              One thing I learned from Pammie Carmichael-Hogg, is to flip your curves backward to trim the top of the front legs. Brush everything up, set the round of the curve right under that shoulder, and trim away. take basically everything off the top of the elbow, but try to avoid trimming below it. Seems a bit counter intuitive but it looks more put together when you're done.


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                Thanks, plaid!! I'll give it a try. Mom says he uses a belly band at home since he piddles in the house, so I'm hesitant to leave too much hair in the tuck up area as it'll get nasty. I groom him every 3 weeks, though. His owner is an interesting lady to say the least. Lol


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                  Good try you are gonna be great.


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                    I agree, keep on.


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                      Here's a more recent picture!! I did fix the sticky outie bits on his face! Mom wanted his body in a 10 for summer.

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