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Some more links for Japanese grooming...

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  • Some more links for Japanese grooming...


    さくらのブログ / パソコンと携帯(ケータイ)から楽しめる簡単ブログサービス。ポッドキャスティング、アフィリエイト、ダイエット、日記、モブログ、全部つかえて完全無料。
    Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.

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    Thank you for the links! I need to learn Japanese so badly!
    My Blog: <a href="">In the Dogs' House Groomwise Blog</a>


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      thanks so much for sharing I love that Japanese style!


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        mmmmmmmm--These are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing them!
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          Thank you for the links. I am love just about everything and I LOVE how the groom. By the way if you guys can't read Japanese (I can't, lol) get the Google toolbar and it will automatically translate almost any language to english, it's quite handy. =)


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            I downloaded the Google translator and still couldn't understand most of what was said! Japanese doesn't exactly translate to English so well. But oh my goodness those cuts are so cute. I'm absolutely in love with the way they do poodles. I've gone through 14 pages of this website trying to find some good close-ups of the noses and the eyes. It looks like they might trim very close to the nose to make it stand out more, but the eyes...they make them look so big and bright. It looks like they kind of hollow them out and they look bigger. Not just on poodles though. I want someone to explain this so I can do it on my Cupid! He's sooooo long right now, he is definitely ready for any cut I can imagine.