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  • hi there

    i just joined your forum and i hope to gain exposure and knowlege of new ideas in the grooming world

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    Hi back

    Welcome from the US. I will look forwards to your input in the coming years.


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      Welcome! It's great to have someone from Ireland here. I think we may have one or two others from Ireland from what I remember. I love learning the different styles that come from different parts of the world.
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        It's the only

        country, if I was to go afar that I would really want to go to. I have the romantic images of the horses out on the grasses. I like the accent. I have in the past raised Irish Setters and am now working with them via the Professional Handlers I work with at dog shows.

        I was amazed that Irish Setters have the "believed" Irish personality. They are rollicking and humorous and yet dignified. Only dog I've known that could be silly and dignified at the exact same time. But someone told me not very many Irish Setters in Ireland?

        Anyway read away and you'll find tons of imformation here. Ask away and let us gain from you expertise? Do you have a shop? Have you been grooming long or just starting?

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