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    I just read Holistic Aromatherapy For Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell. It was amazing, awe inspiring and just a phenominal read. I love the idea of holistic grooming. I have for years wanted to make my own shampoos and use them in my salon, know all the ingredients in my supplies and know what the benefits of them are.
    I just thought I would share how great this book is. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it and I just cannot wait to try some of the recipes in it. We have used a lot of natural remedies over the years and I am always amazed at how well they work, I am just so excited I am rambling.
    So if one wondered about this book, it was great, you should definitely read it. AND does any one know of any other good books on this topic or related, please let me know.
    Thank You

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    I am going to order that book! I bet it's just as great as you said it is

    If you go to her website, the book is listed and below the listing, is a list of other authors and the titles of their books. I'm going to purchase some of them myself.


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      i went there I ordered a few more books off amazon, hopefully they'll be here in the next couple of days


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        let me know what you think, hehe.


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          will do! I am getting carpal tunnel surgery next week, so i will have nothing but time to read. I'm waiting anxiously by the door for the ups guy!


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            YIKES! Hope your surgery goes well