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Lavendar?? It's calming, right?

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  • Lavendar?? It's calming, right?

    I was in Bath & Body Works the other day stocking up on my yearly supply of hand soaps and I seen the plug in air freshners...I bought one for my truck (just becuz I love the smells...), then I got to thinking if I bought the lavendar scented refill, would it have a calming effect on the dogs that come into the truck? I bought one lavendar refill to try but just thought I'd ask those of you who are into the holistic uses of scents to see what you thought?

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    Check your ingredient list. Yes, lavender is very soothing to people and animals but Bath and Body Works is not know for being very natural. They usually use artifical colors and fragrances which often times have the opposite effect of people and animals.