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owner not forthcoming about biter

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  • owner not forthcoming about biter

    Owner doesn't tell me that dog is a biter but with stress-free so what.

    New customer has dog that needs shave down.

    The dog and owner are friendly towards me when I arrive, said they just moved, and dog I am told has no issues with grooming or previous groomer. When I pick up dog I notice a slight change in dog's temperament as if it is thinking about snapping. So that is a small red flag. The dog is heavily pelted around it's neck and the the face and has owner scissor chops on the face. The body though overgrown is not the same as the neck. So that is second red flag that dog possibly could not be finished around neck and face.

    As soon as I turn on my BB, which for most dogs is not scary, the dog reacted and and got on hind legs trying to get out. I could have continued because I am in no way hurting this dog and the dog is overreacting to a BB which is pretty benign but if I continued then it would not be stress-free.

    So I went to hand wash and it immediately settled. I offered this dog a treat a couple of times and it showed interest but did not take the treat..

    I do my usual stress free drying. Offered a better treat and it took this one. So now the dog has some trust in me.

    When I begin grooming and get to the head and neck is where the dog showed that it is a probable biter. But by this time I had gained it's trust by keeping the noise level low. I went to the Groomer's Helper for parts of the groom , used quiet clippers, good treats and other than making a few air snaps and snarls it was a pretty easy muzzle-free groom. I have never used or carry a muzzle btw.

    This groom took me less than 1 hour and 10 minutes. The client was all smiles when she saw her dog and after payment was made she said, "so will you continue to groom him ". Obvious the client knew her dog was a biter and she was not forthcoming with me. But although I would prefer knowing the dog's grooming history, I feel that I am the professional and I can figure it out pretty quickly, and stress free is just a different vibe so even if I knew the dog was a potential biter it would not have really made much difference b/c keeping it quiet and having the right tools gets the job done quick and easy because the dog is just never pushed to go next level.

    The other positive about not possibly firing these types of dogs or owners is that I dictate the style of the groom. The length of body, tail, ears, legs, everything.

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    I like that. You discerned right she already knew it was a potential problem. I think you handled it great. I know I never assume anything about a dog the first groom when it comes to behaivor.