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    Any of you in this area know how to do stripping and carding? I recieved an email from a lady that has an 8 week old puppy and asked if I did stripping.
    Sooooo.. email me and I can send her your info!

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    FurMinator for carding

    From my limited knowledge of carding, removal of the undercaot, the FurMinator is a fantastic tool! I wouldn't be caught without one. Handstripping in my mind is an art; a very long and tedious art. The coats are supposed to retain texture and vibrant color. Most people in my area don't want to pay for that service, but hey if your furry client will sit still long enough to have it done, for it. Most books I've read say to use a stripping tool or to do the top coat plucking by hand. Try and schedule it around the time when the pet "blows its coat" will make it allot easier.

    Happy Tails


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      What kind of dog is it?