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Get better at Airedale hand stripping ?

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  • Get better at Airedale hand stripping ?

    Hello everyone!
    I only have 4 Airedales as clients, and one is a hand stripping, my dad wants to get one so I want to get better. I really like hand stripping, I own 5 wire dachshund!
    I used knives, from Mars (I don't know why but nothing are coming from those), Mccellan kind/copy, and Greyhound is really comfortable!
    Here's some pictures of my hand striped one, owners don't want to show her, she's only a 3 a year, they don't give bath between appointment, I think, so it gives better results.
    Click image for larger version

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    There's this part on her end of back, I never succeed at hand stripping so I use my thinners here. I use clipper on her head. She's not looking bad at the end, but I would love her to look like a one from show dogs! I know breeders really go deep to the skin, with multiple sessions in a short time, but i can't do that In one grooming session.

    I don't use a shampoo for wire dogs, should I ?

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    Sorry I didn't see this for so long Anyway, do you have an undercoat rake that looks like this?
    I use these to de-bulk on all shedding breeds, but especially wire hair and even more especially when I strip them down. This will pull out undercoat and "dead" top coat, it de-bulks so much and makes the actual stripping with the knife so much quicker. I have 3 different sizes, coarse, medium and fine. I primarily use the fine blade on my dale because he gets raked once a month and doesn't have much. Some once or twice a year Golden's I would start with the coarse, go down to medium, then go down to the fine, some are too thick to start out with the fine blade. Looking at your pic I feel like that this might be part of your problem, it looks thick. I feel like the jacket could come down shorter and lower over the shoulder and back leg, again debulking would help you with this. The head of a dale sent is probably the hardest part! You are leaving too much of a defined eyebrow, too much "beard" it all just needs to go tighter. That line where the beard meets the cheek should go away all together, it should flow smoothly. I don't show my boy, but I studied pictures like my life depended on it
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      I just ordered one of those, Mars king coat with 26 blades! And I ordered the "real" knife too, and another fine knife from greyhound.
      I will go deeper with those and even on hips and tail where I never succeed at do it well!
      I understand about the head, she's really nice but arrived at the end, she's impatient so I think I will be doing the head right after dry!


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        You bathe before stripping? That will cause you all manner of problems. Dirty coats are so much easier to strip out--do all your stripping first, then bathe and blow dry, then do any clipper work and touch ups.


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          Go to Airedale Terrier Club of America and look at the pictures. Your head is all wrong. Airedales do not have bushy eyebrows. They also do not have pants on the rear legs. Never bathe before hand stripping. You will see the proper lines on the dogs at the Club website. If you can, find a breeder near you who shows and see if they will let you watch. Very hard to learn how to strip dogs on your own. You need a mentor.


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            Nope i dont bath before I always assure to have done all stripping before bath because bath makes hair soft!
            Can Chalk help ?
            I show you a better picture, I don't let full hair on the head.

            Do you guys send your knive to sharpening ? I have 3 of them that never worked at all! I know the legs aren't correct, breeders use to strip during weeks they strip to the skin then let it grow and strip again. I can't do that, I have no breeders around unfortunately! I've learned the basics of stripping with my mentor but of course, they had no Airedale on hand stripping only clipping, or easy stripping on dachshund, or westie.


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              Nope, I actually take steps to dull my stripping knives! You definitely don't want them sharp; I'm not even sure why they come sharp to begin with.

              Mostly I strip with various pumice stones though, I like them better than knives. It helps to use rubber caps with nubs on them for added grip.


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                I am getting my first hand stripping training in October. Excited.


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                  Didn't finish. HA Any suggestions for favorite knives???