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  • Schnauzer pup

    I've been bathing and cleaning this dog up since 8 weeks. Hes now at 12 weeks. I've been carding mostly, but stripping here and there and only using clippers to clean up face feet and to even out spot s. He looks good and is getting a more wirery texture to his coat. I just don't want to do this wrong and run his coat. I think the biggest challenge I'm having is his head him being so young and getting used to being stripped. Thus his head has mainly been clipped. He's not a show dog but owner would like to see a more wirery coat with better color. . . It was more about his color and then I explained coat texture and breed standard. Any good videos or there for beginners and getting puppies to standard?

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    I would go to learn2groomdogs and watch their videos. That is how I am learning.