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Itchy strip client??

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  • Itchy strip client??

    I have a wft client who I stripped once 3 months ago. After I did the dog she had to go up north to take cate of her sick mother. She has her moms wft breeder strip her wft twice.

    She is back in Texas now and she said the dog has been scratching like crazy ever since the new groomer stripped it too short. I saw the dog this morning it was short but she also always has allergy problems anyways. I told the owner that is may be a combination of allergies and stripping. I don't pull dogs super tight so I haven't experienced any problems like this.

    Is there anything that can help relieve her? Benedryl knocks her out so mom just gives it at night. Mom has tried gold bond and bag balm with little improvement.

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    Maybe a good oatmeal bath. Or oil treatment to soothe the skin. Not sure what could be causeing it either.


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      Ever have your "nether regions" shaved for surgery?

      I have. It was a memorable experience, the hair poking, itching and making you a thousand times more miserable than you already are.

      If she was stripped down to nuthin', it could be the way the hair is growing out that is bothering her. And if that is the problem, I can't think of anything other than time that will take care of it.


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        I agree hair growing in after shaving or waxing can be very irritating.

        No Suggestions on products I know Sch people strip naked often any help from yall.


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          Could it be a reaction to the chalk?
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          Groom on!!!


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            It could be but I'm sure mom has bathed her since. She is one of those strip clients that still bathes often.


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              That does seem odd. How does the skin look? I know it is a bit taboo to condition a wire haired stripped dog, but maybe the skin is dry from being stripped so short? Then the mother bathing on top of it. Like it was exposed to the sun and wind far more than the dog was used to? Fall time is a really bad time for allergies, far worse then spring & summer in my experience, could just be an odd coincidence in the timing. Could also be the change in allergens from one place to another. Personally, I'd still give my dog benedryl in the morning and evening if it were itching so bad. I'm sure the little doggy would rather be a little more tired then to be so itchy. From August to November (or there-a-bouts) I have to give my little mutt benedryl twice a day or I can hear her itching across the house. I suppose it could also be some sort of bacterial/fungal transfer from a stripping knife.
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