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My first time hand stripping entire dog

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    Another mixed rescue. Looks borderx to me. She took 3 grooms to be able to comb, brush, and do nails with out a huge flip out. I pulled a little hair each time as she was more tolerant to that then a clipper. I finished with thinning shears every where that was an issue. I hope to be able to do more each time. The last shot is a close up of what comes out(very easily) so I can get feedback on if I am doing it right.


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      It looks like the whole hair is coming out, that is the goal. For the most part you really only need to worry about cutting instead of plucking when you are using a stripping knife. Stripping stones and/or fingers lack the sharper edge that would be cutting the hair. I also agree w/ the border terrier mix, the ears are huge though, very cute!
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        I agree a good pumice stone is a nice starter until you perfect your technique. Great job. I love doing mix strips


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          Thanks, I finally ordered a stripping video(haha) so hopefully it can teach me more until I get a chance to get one on one lessons.

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