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Should I hand strip this dog?

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  • Should I hand strip this dog?

    I have an opportunity to hand strip an Irish Terrier next week. However, I've only handstripped a Jack Russel, and I hand strip my ECS. It was an unexpected call today while I was busy, I was excited but did explain that I have groomed Irish Terriers before but never hand stripped them and he was fine with me doing it still. Well after getting home and reading about it I'm confused, and nervous, and not extremely educated on the process and am now wondering if I should be doing it in one session, or at all? any advice? The dog has been stripped before but hasn't in awhile.

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    Irish Pluck

    by al means pluck! There is no replacing the look
    I think they are one of the easiest terriers to pluck. Just take it down to the underwear- don't bald the dog out. CC Detail Sticks are great for the head and ears.
    Just strip the whole dog- not much pattern to deal with except for the head.
    good luck and enjoy! they are such sweet dogs- I do quite a few and just love them.


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      Did you end up stripping this dog? I just stripped one recently and I didn't get done with all I wanted to. I was curious what you got done in one session and how long it took. I worked on mine for 2 hours and called it quits.
      That Tenacious Terrier!


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        I groom it this coming Thursday, and oh no now I'm nervous, he said it was shaggy.


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          I am so excited!!!! I hand stripped the Irish Terrier today and it went really well. Took me 5 hours but he was such a good boy and so sweet. I took pics and was excited to put them on here to show you but I guess the file size is to big so not sure if I'll be able to. But I think I did well, the owners were very happy and said they would definately be back. I'm so bummed to not get pics on here for you all to see and critique, maybe hubby can help me figure out if I can shrink them when he gets back in town.


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            Here he is!!!!!!!

            What do you think?
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              5 hours???

              ok looks like you have the technique down now you gotta work on the speed for the dogs sake....
              good job!