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Hand Stripping a Schnauzer?

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  • Hand Stripping a Schnauzer?

    Hi guys,

    I have a schnauzer coming in tomorrow to be hand stripped. Thank goodness this isn't his first time being stripped, but it will be my first time working on him. I have stripped border terriers and a norfolk, but not a schnauzer. Is there anywhere I can look to get some advice on the particulars of the schnauzer strip?


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    Like Westies, it is supposed to be done in sections and the neck a week or so later

    otherwise it won't blend correctly. There are special hand stripping knives for the task. It is time consuming and the coat still needs to be rolled or carded from time to time. Prepare to get blisters on your fingers. I don't do my Westies cuz I don't show them. Toooooo much work IMO. Hope you charge a lot. Oh, and the coat needs to be blown and easy to pluck. IF it has been clippered it will be VERY hard to do, and painful and cruel to attempt.