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Norfolf puppy 1st strip HELP PLEASE!

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  • Norfolf puppy 1st strip HELP PLEASE!

    I have a new 9 month Norfolk coming in Tues for a handstrip. It's his first grooming, never been clipped or stripped. I have NO IDEA what to expect or frankly what to do.

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    Norfolk puppy

    You are going to find that his coat is more than likely grown out long and one length. Take your time and just pull it all off, leaving the undercoat. Pull from the ends of the hair to keep from pulling the undercoat and making holes. You should explain to the owner that it will look much better in a month or so after the hair has started to grow back and you can then rake out some undercoat to make it look much better. Good luck


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      Thank you, epilady.
      I am just a year or so into handstripping(AuntieBeth taught me on an airedale & I do some westies & cairns now)
      From my internet research on Norfolks I got a pretty good idea, but I was concerned about the age of the pup & that he'd never been groomed before. so my conceren as to coat & how 'much' to strip...

      I did explain to client over the phone that a handstripped terrier is "a work in progress",
      He won't come out looking like a "show poodle", but rather she'll see results in a couple of weks as the coat grows in.
      Is that even the right thing to say????

      I also was honest that I'd never done a Norfolk, but have hand stripped & would research the breed. She booked as there's no one in my area that strips....

      I want to do this right, so more feedback from strippers....please!


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        Norfolk Update

        What a Pup!
        OMG, I think I fell in love...anyway....

        His coat was Sooo ready to be stripped it was no big deal.
        He was much smaller than I anticipated & very well behaved.
        I was a bit confused with the head, had these light colored wispy things going on, that I just plucked out, left a little eye brow thing & beard going on....not much leg,chest or belly furnishings happening, so I pretty much just plucked what was sticking out. Frankly, after stripping his body there wasn't too much left to do...

        Mom was VERY happy, BUT, (here comes the OCD) she's visiting the breeder soon who (& I quote) 'will be so happy he's handstripped'

        I have pics, just need to get my oldest son to help me. Might take a while.

        But I am pretty damn happy with the results!