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hand stripping - one more time:-)

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  • hand stripping - one more time:-)

    I know there are plenty threads on hand stripping already, but I did not find a recent one for my question.
    My question is what shampoo do you use after hand stripping. I was taught to use a medicated one. I would like to use an organic shampoo instead as I am trying to get a away from chemicals as much as possible.
    Can someone pls explain to me the difference of the terms hand stripping and carding? What is done differently when carding?
    What do you do with 'fly aways' that just do not come off with hand stripping? If the customers strictly requests hand stripping and no additional clipper or scissor work, I would like to do what the customer asks me to. Same question goes for the more sensitive or hard to get to parts like ears, legs, belly.
    Now to the price struture. I have my set price per hour for hand stripping, but I do not want to charge the same amount for the time it takes to bath and dry the dog, incl. ears and nails. Any suggetsions what to add one for the rest of clean up grooming service?

    BTW for those that do not offer hand stripping. I do enjoy it, as it is a slow and calm process and allows me to bond with the dog more than clipping it down.

    Thanks for your answers!!

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    Carding would be just like deshedding, instead of plucking the hair (stripping) I use my stripping knife, my thinners opened (tooth side) or the Andis Deshedder and run it through the coat so that it pulls out all the fluffy stuff that I don't need.
    For the Fly aways I will actually use a stone to try and pull them out, or I will back comb it and pull it out with my knife.
    No belly should be stripped, if you are talking the chest I teach my dogs to lay on their side and do little bits at a time, As for ears I make sure I use a chalk to help me grab the hairs better or I will use finger cots to pluck it out and not use my knife.
    As far as pricing I charge X amount per hour and that includes me bathing and tidying up after dry. I do not charge anything extra.
    Shampoo I use depends on the condition of the dogs skin, if it is a dog I do every few weeks I use a harsh coat shampoo, if it is a dog that is not done very often I will use a medicated shampoo or a lavender shampoo to calm the skin back down.


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      Pre-ramble...I spent an hour on the phone last week w/ a new client, new (to her) 7 mos. old pure white Mini-Schnauzer. (I know, I know...I didn't go "there") She wanted every single detail of the Schnauzer clip on this never-before-groomed dog explained.
      She comes in yesterday w/ a big, bouncing, leggy, broken coat JRT....just perfect for a handstrip...once we moved beyond the explanation of his breed. He did great and looked super. Beware of adopting white Mini Schn's off of CL, lol!

      I typically use Nature's Specialties Almond Crisp on my handstrip dogs.
      I will clip a belly, and have been known to tidy up the very last of fine sticky-outies on thin coated legs w/ my 5" shears.
      Auntie Beth turned me onto CC Detail Sticks for ears, and some of the more delicate finishing work on faces, and even legs.

      Now, one of the experts may (hopefully) clean up my definition of carding vs handstripping...but to sum...I think of carding as a broad approach using a tool to remove undercoat, and handstripping as a more localized approach using either just my fingers or perhaps a knife, or the Detail Sticks.

      Can't really answer the price part. I charge by the hour for everything I do....more for handstripping, but then back to my regular hourly rate for bath/dry.
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        I believe that "carding" is removing undercoat. Stripping knife flat, drawn through coat, removes undercoat. You don't want to hear a ripping sound from the hair our you may be catching outer coat. (think flat!) Can also use a #40 blade, held in hand, drawn through coat - good description in "Notes from the grooming table." Stripping is actually pulling out the hard outer coat. Hopefully there is two layers of outer coat, plus an undercoat. For me, I'll card a dog I'm stripping, amount varies depending on coat. Then strip, then card some more in areas where bulk needs removed or hair doesn't lay flat.


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          Great feedback

          Thanks everybody for your help. This was awesome feedback.


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            I've been carding,and removing blown coat,and shaping a bit pre-bath,but doing the rest of the stripping (hand plucking) after with ve t wrap fingers,and a sprinkle of ear powder. Is this backwards? I am self taught. I am getting the superstyling DVD on carding and stripping,sounds like I need it. LOLI spritz with a touch of witch hazel,and/or crown royal after I'm done.
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